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Final Project Guidelines
1. Write a Python Program that is useful in real world applications.
2. You have complete 100
% FREEDOM to pick any topic of interest to write a Python Program. You can write a program for bank, restaurant, car rental company, bookstore, games, hotel, grocery store, etc.
3. Go over the Programming Assignments in the course. You can modify and customize the program to fit your application need.
4. Go over any Python Programming textbooks of your choice.
5. Google search on Python Programming open source community.
· Software Engineering Principles – Do Not Re-Invent the Wheel If The Wheel Is Invented Already.
· Please give proper citation to copyright materials.
· Please comment on the source code.
6. Your Python Program MUST contain minimum of any 3 topics we covered in class.
For example:
· Chapter 3 – Decision Structures and Boolean Logic
· Chapter 6 – Files and Exceptions
· Chapter 9– Dictionaries and Sets
7. Your Python Program MUST be FREE from logical errors and syntax errors.
8. You MUST upload the fully zipped Final Project on Blackboard.
9. Final Project will be evaluated on the Form below:
CPSC 3310 – Final Project Evaluation Form (10 points)
Student Name: _____________________________________ Date: ______________________
1. Final Project Introduction (1 point)
Comment _______________________________________________________________
2. Final Project Demonstration (ex: FREE from any logical and syntax errors) (4 points)
Comment _______________________________________________________________
3. Final Project (ex: At least 3 Python Chapter Topic Utilized) (3 points)
Comment _______________________________________________________________
4. Final Project Questions? (1 points)
Comment _______________________________________________________________
5. Comment on Source Code and Snap Shot (1 point)
Comment _______________________________________________________________

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