Financial Accounting (ACC 505): Discuss the histo

Choose any of the two firms (from two different industries) listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange and perform the following tasks: Tasks Discuss the history of each firm and how it has evolved over time. What is the business model and strategy adopted by each firm and why? Discuss the nature of the industry in which each firm operates alongside economic and competitive environment and issues. By using income statement, balance sheet and notes to accounts, prepare cash flow statement using the method which is different than adopted by the company.

Match the results for each firm and provide explanation if your numbers are different. Using three years financial data of the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and notes to accounts, perform horizontal and vertical analysis on both income statement and balance sheet of both firms and interpret main results. Use three years data and answer the following question with detailed explanation (write-up not just tables, figures and calculations) Is the business a going concern and why? How is the business earning a net income or loss? Where is the business getting its money, and can it pay its debt obligations on time? How is the business investing its money, and is it using its assets efficiently? Is the business generating enough net income to reward the stockholders for the use of their money? Based on your above analysis: what are the concern areas and what would be your recommendations to the top management to improve the situation in near future?

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