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Find an article on Present on Admission (POA) and provide a 200 to 300 words overview of the article.   Give a brief overview of the article, and explain how this article would help you understand Present on Admission indicators. Use APA format and reference in APA format. (10 points =9 points for the article and 1 point for the reference in APA format. )

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 Part 2 

A list of HAC can be found on and

For this assignment you will chose one of the HAC conditions and find an article on how a facility can prevent the condition. Examples would be reductions of hospital-acquired pneumonia, injuries from falls while in the hospital, or operating on the wrong site.

Explain what actions a healthcare facility can do to prevent the HAC condition you chose, and analyze current regulations and established guidelines for HACs. Your report on your findings should have a heading of the condition you researched (ex: How to Reduce Fall Risk in a Hospital), the paper should be at least 250 words. You also need to reference the article you chose, and use APA format for assignment and reference.