Five-Year Career Plan (Paper) and Presentation

Research current career options available for BSN students, with a focus on your particular area of career interest (i.e., oncology nursing, OR nursing, etc.). After conducting research on requirements for practice, work experience requirements, etc. craft and then write a paper (5-10 pages) on your 5-year career plan beginning with your plan for graduation with your BSN and target employers for your first position as a graduate nurse.

Identify/select two self-care intentions (in a section of your Career Plan report (1-2 pages) that you intend to incorporate into your strategy for maintaining work/life balance and personal wellness and describe how you selected these intentions and how you plan to document progress toward those intentions during your 5- year career. Review data from 2 professional nursing organizations that you might be interested in joining during your first five years in practice.

Discuss, in your paper, what these professional organizations offer to their members. Also discuss any plans for advanced certification, advanced education, and continuing education you will want or need during your 5-year plan. Describe the characteristics of the type of organization you would like to work for and why? What aspect (if any) of this course do you feel most helped you develop as a leader as well as prepare you for your transition?

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