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For the final paper, you need to write an original examination of a social problem. It may be the one you identified in Application Exercise 1, a different one reviewed in this course, or another one of your own choosing.
Please submit an outline of what you plan to research for your final paper and how you plan to discuss and investigate your chosen social problem
*********homelessness **********in the paper. Your instructor will give you feedback. In your proposal, you must explain why
your social problem qualifies as a social problem under the criteria you learned at the beginning of the semester.
Remember that this is a course on the
of social problems. Be careful not to propose an approach that is more appropriate to the study of psychology, biology, law, etc. You will need to concentrate on the
social factors
relevant to understanding the problem you identify.
The instructions for the final are now open, so you may scroll the bottom of your courses home page to review them before completing this proposal.
After this, you should begin searching for scholarly sources to use in the final. Soon, you will be asked to identify at least three scholarly, sociologically relevant sources to be approved by your instructor. Please open the Source Identification assignment for

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