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For this analysis, you will read an assigned article as before.  Here is a link to the article.  Download Here is a link to the article. Please download it so that you can locate the page numbers when asked to do so in the assignment.  You will complete a structured handout as before.  Here is a link to the handout Download Here is a link to the handout.  Please enter your answers on the handout, save and upload when you are done.  The assignment asks you to consider an important issue for all types of empirical studies, and that is the issue of generalizability.  One advantage of quantitative studies that use large, randomly drawn samples is that the sample is representative of the larger population from which it is drawn.  Qualitative studies do not usually have this advantage.  Here is a short, easy to read comparison of quantitative and qualitative methods–be sure to read how McLeod explains the issue of transferable or generalizable findings. Download

Be sure to read the instructions very carefully and ask questions in advance if there is something you do not understand.  The assigned article is short, but you should give yourself time to read it and think about the differences between qualitative research and quantitative research.