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For this assignment you need
to review a video lecture (please print the slide from the presentation to follow along) that explains how to do currency conversions.
Once you finish looking over at the presentation, then do the practice exercises and look at the provided solution so that you check your work and make sure you feel comfortable doing currency conversions and that you understand the theory behind it
(from what you read in chapter 8 and in this additional presentation).
When you are ready to start the assignment, download the PDF file, print a couple of copies and start working the problems.
Please make sure that the copy that you submit to be graded is a clean, legible copy.
Make sure you clearly mark your answer and that you include the units in your answer to receive full credit.
Once you have your assignment ready to submit, scan the file into a PDF format and upload the file by Thursday November 5th at midnight. You have access to scanner at various computer labs or at the library or you can download an app to your phone (such as Adobes Adobe Scan to do it at home).

Make sure your file is not TOO large that it doesnt upload.

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