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For this assignment you will be completing the web-
xad?based learning Star Legacy Module on Cultural and Linguistic Differences.
To access this training, go “Cultural and Linguistic Differences: What Teachers Should Know.”?
IRIS Center. (n.d.). Star Legacy Modules. Cultural and Linguistic Differences: What Teachers Should Know. Available from
To begin the training click on the “Challenge” button at the top of the star graphic.
Complete the following sections of the module.
Perspectives and Resources
Be sure to watch all of the videos and read all the materials for each section. Use the “Next” button located at the bottom of each webpage to navigate through the training.
After completing the web-based learning module answer the following questions. Use direct quotes and specific examples from the “Perspectives and Resources Section” of this module to help you answer the questions.
Why is it important for teachers to reflect on cultural and linguistic diversity?
Explain the difference between BICS and CALP. Why is it necessary for teachers to understand the distinction between these two types of languageproficiency?
In the Challenge, Mr. Bennett wrote notes home to Marias family. Why might this have proved problematic? What other options might you recommend to Mr. Bennett for communicating with Marias parents?
Mr. Stone, a teacher from a rural community where all the students share similar cultural backgrounds, relocates to a large city where the students come from a wide variety of cultural groups. He notices that many of his students are not performing well in class. Upon self- reflection, he realizes that because of cultural differences these students may not relate to his style of teaching or to the stories and examples he uses in class. What can Mr. Stone do to become more culturally responsive and meet the diverse needs of these students?

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