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For this assignment, you will be gathering all your sources for your final paper. You will need at least 8 sources. Using APA formatting, you will list your sources alphabetically using APA guidelines for citations. Under each source, you will write a paragraph of at least 150 words that summarizes the source and explains how it will be useful in your paper. Everything you write about the source should be in your own words. You should not be quoting anything from the article, so you should not need any in-text citations in your bibliography. Everything must be paraphrased and summarized in your own words. If you need help, check out this template: APA_Annotated_Bibliography_Template (1).docx
APA formatting
cover page
no abstract required
Times New Roman, 12 point font
at least 150 words per source
at least 8 sources
no quotes or in-text citations in your descriptions
everything should be in your own words, and there should be NO PLAGIARISM
submit through Canvas, no email or Google drive shares
subject to late work policy

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