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For this assignment you will write a literature review that will be 6 to 8 pages, not including the title page and the references section. You should research a specific topic that interests you in the area of family support. The specific area you select should have implications for practice in your current work setting, if possible. Although the possible topics for your literature review are limitless examples include: assessment, state of the family support profession, resiliency, wraparound, prevention programs, cultural issues, individualized family support plans. Again, the area you select should be directly related to family support.
In addition, you should identify 8 articles, at minimum, from peer-reviewed journals to incorporate into your paper. These articles should all be directly related to the topic you have chosen.
Make sure that you write in the third person and link your citations in a continuous flow of ideas. You should use good form and style in your document. Furthermore, you should incorporate effective introduction and conclusion sections in the paper.

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