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For this Data Workshop, you will investigate the second shift by interviewing a two person couple who share a household with one or more children. Be sure to write a minimum of 500 words, times new roman, double space. 1. Construct 10 or more interview questions to ask a couple about how they judge family and work (closed and open ended questions ). Example , describe everything she or he does in a typical day or how task are divided among members of the household (spouse /partner, children, others )Who does what and why? 2. Once your questionnaire is ready , identify an interview who is a member of the target population , and ask each persons consent to be in your pilot study . You must take DETAILED NOTES 3. After completing interview , answer the FIVE further analysis questions on page 272. BELOW IS ONE OF THE QUESTIONS FROM PAGE 272 Does there appear to be a gendered division of labor in the home ? How are the task divided ? Who does most of the daily work and why ? PHOTOS OR INTERVIEWS OF YOUR SUBJECTS. IF YOU HAVE PHOTOS HAVE A SIGN THAT SAYS GENDER NORMS .

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