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For this weeks discussion, the focus will be on examining Porters Five Forces as a tool for looking at the pressures on profits. Specifically, you will be looking at defining Porters Five Forces and applying this tool to the market structures and pressures on profits of a chosen group of firms.
In your discussion post, address the following:
Chose one of the following groups and use Porters Five Forces to analyze the pressures on profits for your chosen groups firms.
Group 1: the accommodations industry (e.g., Hilton, Marriott Bonvoy, InterContintental Hotel Group).
Group 2: the wireless telecommunications industry (e.g., Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile).
If you want to dig deeper into how one of the firms views the challenges it faces, you might want to look at the firms investor page.
Note: In your discussion posts for this course, do not rely on Wikipedia, Investopedia, or any similar website as a reference or supporting source.

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