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For todays class, we are going to be watching a Frontline documentary entitled Poor Kids. You can watch it free here:
or here: It is approximately 1 hour.
There are a few discussion topics I will post, however, if you have your own question or thought about the video, you can also add a new topic.
You should have at least 2 substantive (thoughtful) posts for full credit on participation for today. While there is no limit to length, each post should be at least 3 sentences in length.
Hope –According to No Kid Hungry (2020), 1 in 7 children in America are living with hunger. How is this addressed in the video? What policies are in place? How does hunger affect the children
Stress and poverty— poverty is a major stressor for families. What evidence was shown in the video for this statement? How are the families in the video handling these stressors? How are the kids handling them?

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