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Length: 14 slides, 250 words in each page

Last slide will be list of references used

Sources: Minimum of 5; ALL from academic databases

Topic:… choose ONE   Erikson Maslow

Freud Piaget

DISCUSS: 1— the stages

2— periods of life

3— age cohorts

4— positive resolutions (per stage)

5— negative resolutions (per stage)

6— real world example (per stage)

Topic: OR

Borderline personality disorder Autism

Eating disorders Hoarding

Alzheimer’s disease Schizophrenia

Major depression PTSD

Social phobia Postpartum depression

Gender dysphoria Bipolar I 

Bipolar II General Anxiety disorder

Adjustment disorder Antisocial personality disorder

DISCUSS: 1— Pathophysiology

2— Prevalence

3— Signs & symptoms



6—Risk Factors & prevention