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  • 4-6 Pages Long (not including footnotes, bibliographic information or titles).
  • Title page is required. Give an original title, your Full Name, Student Number, Course, Date and Instructor.
  • Times New Roman 12pt Font, one inch margins, numbered pages.
  • CMS Citations and a Bibliography MUST be provided. Failure to provide any footnotes will result in an automatic ‘ZERO’. Do not include the annotations in the bibliography.


  • Demonstrate a clear comprehension of the topic by selecting appropriate research material, asking interesting questions and contextualizing/comparing different sources.
  • Produce a clear and effective thesis statement that encapsulates the content of the Final Draft.
  • Tell the reader something new that they don’t know already!


KEY QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: (Do not give a list of answers)

  • What type of source material are you using and why does this provide a useful answer to your research question?
  • Why does the source material favour certain arguments or ideas rather than others? How does this relate to the historical context of the topic?
  • How does your research relate to other historians’ work? Are you adding to the historical record or challenging something that a historian has said?
  • What are the limits of your research? Demonstrate an understanding of the strengths and limitations of your specific project. Nothing in history is all-important.



  1. Remember that the goal is to explain to the reader what your essay is going to be proving. A thesis statement should encapsulate all of the main ideas that your paper will present.
  2. Suggested format: “This paper will argue ____________________, because 1. ________, 2. ____________ and 3.____________”


Essay Format

  1. Introduction: Frame your topic and your documents. What will this paper be working on? Finish with the Thesis Statement.
    1. Second Introductory Paragraph: Brief description of your specific This should be the only place you discuss the topic itself.
  2. Body Paragraphs: your 5-8 best ideas to explain your thesis.
    1. Each paragraph needs a topic sentence that states exactly what you are saying in the paragraph. Support this with at least TWO points from your research, each with a footnote.
    2. Each reference should have a separate sentence explaining how it supports your ideas. Analysis/explanation is the priority in grading.
  • Conclusion: Restate your position (thesis) and summarize your argument (not the topic). Then you can mention any larger thoughts you have – how does it impact subsequent history, personal reflection etc.



Why does this group of sources contribute to our understanding of a specific aspect of European history? What makes these documents worthwhile for historians?


the below attached pdf is the outline of this essay, also there is one comment in the end of outline which tells us what needed.

this essay is on secondary source which is –

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