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   Formatting: MLA formatting is required.   (minimum requirements: 12 pt. font, Times New Roman or Arial, 1″ margins, double spacing, header with page number and last name, heading at left with all required info., properly formatted Works Cited Page. In-text and Works Cited sources must correspond (match), and sources should be cited where used [not at the end of a paragraph]).   Use signal phrases and in-text citations to provide a clear indication of where a source begins and ends. Use quotation marks around the exact words of others.  

· Word Requirement: 1,000 words not including the Works Cited Page or the identification information at the top left of the first page. (Start counting at the Title and stop at the last word of the conclusion. Lengthy quotations can affect your word count negatively because technically, they are not your words. Paraphrase and summarize source information, and save quotations for particularly detailed or well-said information.)    

I have the topic of the Right to freedom of speech on social media, I agree that people should have the right to say what they feel as long as it does not cause a threat or incite a riot. 

this should be based on After “Values in American Culture”I picked this EQUALITY / EGALITARIANISM People have equal opportunities; people are important as individuals, for who they are, not from which family they come. Result: A society where little deference is shown or status is acknowledged American value and argue why it is or isn’t relevant today using at least 4 current, authoritative, and credible sources to support your reasons. This is a position topic that requires you to think critically while considering your purpose, your secondary research, and your audience.   Your audience may agree with you, disagree with you, or know nothing about the topic.  You must consider your topic to decide which of these are likely (or whether all 3 are likely).