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Founders as Culture Creators

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In Chapter 8 of the text, Schein uses several case examples to show how strong organizational founders create cultures within their organizations. Schein explains how founders’ assumptions on leading and operating are tested early on in their careers; the impact on how they lead, react, and adapt in the early stages directly affects whether or not these organizations thrive. As a future organizational leader, what will you do to avoid the organizational and cultural pitfalls like those created by Sam Steinberg (as described in Chapter 8)? Post should be at least 300mwords.



Schein, E. H. (2016). Organizational culture and leadership (5th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass:

                                 Chapter 8. How Culture Begins and the Role of the Founder of Organizations

                                  Chapter 10. How Leaders Embed and Transmit Culture

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