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  • Begin a discussion of the article, “Multiple Intelligences”, by Howard Gardner.
  • Please post an idea or question for the class based on your annotations, free-writing and notes on the reading,
  • Develop posts that will encourage discussion of Gardner’s ideas.


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Print and Read: Multiple Intelligences, Gardner. Pay special attention to the introductory material before Gardner’s essay—the section on Rhetoric will be important later.

1. Using some of the techniques described in How to Mark a Book, annotate Gardner’s essay, Multiple Intelligences.

2. In your Journal/Reading Log: Make a list of key terms from the reading (Key terms are words that are essential to the main ideas of the reading.) Make another list of unfamiliar words from the readings.

3. Take notes. Free-write your initial responses to Gardner’s ideas.

4. Post your ideas about the reading on the discussion forum.

Over the next few days, respond to your classmates’ posts as you continue to re-read and take notes on the article.

Process notes:

It is important to open any discussion on a reading by re-framing the main ideas of the writer. Place any questions you raise in the context of the author’s ideas. In other words, how do your ideas deepen our understanding or make us re-consider the author’s ideas?