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Galloway, Katie (Dec 4, 2019).Inside the Fight Against the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Links to an external site.). Frontline from PBS. A 10:16 min TV documentary about the school to prison pipeline.

(April 8, 2021). Policing in America (Links to an external site.). Throughline from NPR. A 69 min podcast documentary about the origins of policing in the US.

(Jan 4, 2021). The Double Standard (Links to an external site.). Hidden Brain from NPR. A 50 min podcast about how we see ourselves differently from others.

Guest: UW Bothell alum Amani Sawari will be visiting the class starting at 3:40pm. She is Director of Justice Services and head of the Incarcerated & Returning Citizens Committee at Spread The Vote (Links to an external site.). She is also the founder of SawariMedia (Links to an external site.) and the, editor of the National Right2Vote Report Newsletter (Links to an external site.). Please come to class with questions for this former UWB student and contemporary abolitionist organizer, and use this google doc (Links to an external site.) for sharing those questions with the rest of us and our guest. 

Dornfeld, Ann (April 18, 2019). The end of the pipeline: Seattle teachers go to prison to get schooled (Links to an external site.). KUOW public radio. A 5 min audio story about teachers learning how to be better teachers by talking to people experiencing incarceration.

(Sep 8, 2016). Rewriting the Sentence: College behind bars (Links to an external site.). American Radio Works documentary from American Public Media. A 52 min podcast documentary about the history and practice of attending a university within prison.

(July 29, 2019). You 2.0: The Empathy Gym (Links to an external site.). Hidden Brain from NPR. A 53 min podcast about how to grow your empathy muscles.

, The Husky Herald (Links to an external site.).. And this 2020 op-ed from IAS faculty member Dan Berger (Links to an external site.) 

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