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GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation Vs. CPRA- California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act 

Paper Outline: 


1. Introduction 

    1.1 Describe the paper goal

    1.2 Motivation – Discuss importance of privacy 

    1.3 Define is CPRA and GDPR. Include Key Characteristics of each 

    1.4 History of CPRA and GDPR  

2. Comparative Analysis 

     2.1 Study method – Criteria of Comparing – I prefer tabular format 

     2.2 Study Results – Analysis 

     2.3 Discussion – Any interesting insights or implications based on this work Any future work plans?              Recommendations?  

3. Conclusion 

     3.1 List key claims and findings that support these claims. Also, list other contributions if any 

4. Bibliography APA Format