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General: Craft a concise essay (approximately 1000 words) that addresses the prompt below.  Be sure to follow academic conventions (e.g. grammar, spelling, syntax, organization, etc.) and write in your own words.

Prompt: The “structure vs. agency” debate is a prominent recurring theme in the 200+ year history of sociology. This debate hinges on the following questions: Are individuals free to make decisions and act (i.e. agents) in a manner of their choosing?  Or, are there social forces (i.e. structures) that wholly influence or constrain their actions?  In your essay, briefly summarize the relationship between structure and agency while presenting a sociologically-informed argument that shows how social structures (e.g. norms, religion, culture, markets, law) impact individual-level behavior/action.  Feel free to draw on relevant examples from your own life, contemporary society, politics, etc.