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Video is short –about 2 minutes. While you watch it make a list of the positive customer experiences Max has versus the negative customer experience his owner has in dealing with the healthcare environment.

Next, make a list of the internal and external customers an HIM office can expect to interact with. In a 1-2 page paper, write your list of internal and external customers and describe how an HIM office can provide excellent service. And, finally, what techniques should be used when customer service is less than optimum and your customers complain. Use APA format.

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In the healthcare field, effective customer service plays a critical role in ensuring patient satisfaction and maintaining a positive reputation. As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments for medical college students, it is vital to educate future healthcare professionals on the importance of customer service and provide guidance on how to provide excellent service to both internal and external customers. This response will address the questions related to positive and negative customer experiences in a healthcare environment, the internal and external customers an HIM office can interact with, and techniques for handling customer complaints.

Positive Customer Experiences:
1. In the video, Max exhibited a positive customer experience by receiving prompt attention and care from the veterinarian, indicating efficient service delivery.
2. Max’s owner, on the other hand, had a negative customer experience due to long wait times and lack of clear communication, signifying poor customer service from the healthcare environment.

Negative Customer Experience:
1. Max’s owner experienced a negative customer experience as they had difficulty navigating the healthcare system, showcasing a lack of guidance and support for patients.
2. The owner’s frustration with the healthcare environment reflects a negative experience caused by a lack of empathy and understanding from the healthcare providers.

Internal and External Customers an HIM Office Can Expect to Interact With:
Internal Customers:
1. Healthcare providers and professionals within the organization, including physicians, nurses, and administrative staff.
2. Medical coders and billers who rely on accurate documentation from the HIM office.
3. IT personnel responsible for maintaining electronic health records and ensuring data security.
4. Compliance officers who ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to privacy laws.

External Customers:
1. Patients and their families who require access to medical records and rely on prompt and accurate information.
2. Insurance companies requesting medical records for claims processing.
3. Legal entities, such as attorneys or law enforcement, requiring medical records for legal purposes.
4. Healthcare organizations and facilities collaborating for patient referrals or sharing medical information.

How an HIM Office Can Provide Excellent Service:
1. Prompt and efficient response to customer inquiries or requests for medical records.
2. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date documentation to ensure reliable information retrieval.
3. Prioritizing patient privacy and information security to build trust and comply with regulations.
4. Regularly assessing and improving internal processes to enhance service delivery.
5. Effective communication with both internal and external customers to address their needs or concerns promptly.
6. Utilization of technology to streamline processes and enhance accessibility to medical records.
7. Continuous training and education of staff on customer service skills and industry updates.

Techniques for Handling Customer Complaints:
1. Actively listen to the customer’s concern and acknowledge their feelings.
2. Apologize for any inconvenience caused and take responsibility for resolving the issue.
3. Communicate transparently and honestly with the customer about the steps taken to address their complaint.
4. Offer solutions or alternatives that aim to satisfy the customer’s needs or expectations.
5. Follow up with the customer to ensure their satisfaction and address any remaining concerns.
6. Document customer complaints and analyze them to identify areas for improvement in service delivery or internal processes.

In conclusion, providing excellent customer service is crucial in the healthcare environment. Medical college students should be aware of the positive and negative customer experiences that can occur, the internal and external customers an HIM office can expect to interact with, strategies for providing excellent service, and techniques for resolving customer complaints effectively. By incorporating these principles into their practices, future healthcare professionals can contribute to enhancing patient satisfaction and overall healthcare experiences.

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