Halal meat and chicken to mcdonalds in England

PS: The discussed topic with the professor was a project plan to introduce halal meat and chicken to mcdonalds in England because it has a high percentage of muslims especially london. But if writer finds a better idea go with it. If writer needs powerpoint slides of the lecture i could send them upon request Reasons for the project. The reasons for the project should be stated first – why is this being done. If this is unclear it indicates that further thinking and questioning is needed before going further. Options. What different options are available for addressing the identified need? Why is the option you have chosen (the project) the best of the bunch? Showing that you have seriously considered all the possibilities will strengthen your business case. Benefits – Tangible and Intangible. This is where you persuade your audience that your project is worthwhile. Every possible benefit can be considered, tangible and intangible. Just make sure that you justify the benefits that you predict. If your project will increase profit, then present detailed figures as evidence. If the primary benefit is improved customer care or staff efficiency, then explain how this will happen and what the effects will be. Risks. What are the main risks to project success? Transparency will gain the confidence of your audience and will demonstrate your foresight, realism and capability. Costs. The senior project managers need to know the total projected cost before they can authorise the project. Justify each area of expenditure, so that nobody is in any doubt that the budget you have forecast is as accurate as possible. Timescales. How long will the project take? Detail the activities and goals of each stage and explain why the specified length of time is needed. Investment Appraisal. Management may need some indication of return on investment, in percentage terms. All projects involve risk and so if a project delivers a low rate of return some will argue that the money would be better left safely in the bank. Assumptions and any other supporting text. It may be necessary to partly base a business case on certain assumptions – for example “The government will enact this piece of legislation”. If so these should be stated. The template below is provided for structuring your work and must be used in your submission: Business Case Content Template: Title page and content; Project background; Business and project aims and objectives; Current situation – problem/opportunity statement; Critical assumptions and constraints; Analysis of options and recommendations; Preliminary project requirements; Budget estimate and financial investment analysis showing Net Present Value (NPV); Potential high-level risks Quality considerations.

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