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 Health determinants are a diverse variety of cultural, social, economic, and environmental variables that influence individual and community health. This relates to the position of the person in society, such as income, education, or work. Experiences of prejudice, injustice, and historic trauma are significant social determinants of health for some communities, such as indigenous peoples. Social determinants of health are the social and economic influences that impact people’s health. Some Social Determinants of health are Income and Income Distribution, Education, Food Insecurity, Health Services, Gender, Race and Disability. Social determinants of wellbeing impact health in both positive and negative aspects.  Extreme income and wealth gaps, for example, have detrimental health implications for those who are living in poverty, and these impacts are amplified when these people are drawn together in poorer communities. On the other hand, people that are well-off and live well have greater physical wellbeing.