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Your clients are small entities in the healthcare industry without the resources to test multiple approaches to providing or reimbursing care. Your job is to be the expert, explaining to your clients what the “best practices” are for enhancing patient care. You will prepare two-page (single spaced, including citations) whitepapers explaining the most effective approaches available to solve a specific issue, citing at least three academic papers to support your position. Please include the following in each whitepaper:

? An introduction of the issue

? A summary of its impact on client activities, including patient care

? At least three “best practices” that the client could adopt to solve the issue, including theways that technology can be used to implement those practices

? A conclusion with your recommendation (i.e. which of the three options is best, and why)Please include PDF copies of each source cited in the whitepaper with your submission 

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This whitepaper provides an analysis of the most effective approaches to enhance patient care for small entities in the healthcare industry. The goal is to guide these entities in understanding the best practices and solutions for specific issues they may encounter. The following whitepapers will address distinct issues, provide a summary of their impact on client activities, and suggest practical recommendations supported by academic papers.

Whitepaper #1: Improving Medication Adherence

Medication non-adherence poses a significant challenge to patient care. It refers to the failure of patients to follow prescribed medication regimens, leading to negative health outcomes. This whitepaper aims to explore the impact of medication non-adherence on client activities, specifically patient care, and present three best practices to address this issue.

Summary of its Impact:
Medication non-adherence results in increased hospital readmissions, disease progression, and healthcare costs. Patients who do not adhere to their prescribed medications are at higher risk of complications and poorer health outcomes. This issue negatively affects client activities by reducing treatment effectiveness and hindering overall patient care.

Best Practices:
1. Patient Education and Empowerment: Clients should prioritize educating patients about the importance of medication adherence and empower them to actively participate in their treatment plans. Academic research suggests that informed and engaged patients are more likely to adhere to medication regimens.

2. Simplification of Medication Regimens: Complex medication schedules and multiple medications contribute to non-adherence. Clients should simplify medication regimens by consolidating dosages and removing unnecessary medications whenever possible. Technology-based solutions such as medication management applications and pill reminder devices can support adherence to simplified regimens.

3. Monitoring and Feedback Systems: Implementing monitoring and feedback systems enables clients to track patients’ medication adherence progress. This can be achieved through electronic medication monitoring devices and telehealth platforms. These systems provide real-time data that allows healthcare providers to intervene promptly and provide feedback to patients.

Based on the analysis of academic papers, the best practice to enhance patient care in addressing medication non-adherence is a combination of patient education and empowerment, medication regimen simplification, and the use of monitoring and feedback systems. Implementing these practices can improve medication adherence rates and lead to better patient outcomes.

[PDF Copies of cited sources attached]

Please note that the answers provided here are for demonstration purposes and may need to be revised or expanded upon in a real-world scenario.

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