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Hefler, et al. v. Wells Fargo & Company, et al
(Links to an external site.)., Case No. 3:16-CV-05479-JST
See also: Wells Fargo Was Just Hit with a Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit
(Links to an external site.)
After you have reviewed the case (this includes searching for other resources), you will prepare a case analysis in which you address the following in 2-3 pages (not including a reference page):
What is the case?
What are the facts in the case? Provide a brief summary.
What is the legal conflict / issue(s) that is presented?
What is the relevant legislation surrounding this dispute/case?
Has the dispute been resolved or a court decision made?
Do you agree/disagree with outcome?
Do you agree/disagree with the likely outcome?
If yes, what was the legal outcome?
If not, what do you think will likely be the outcome? Why?

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