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Hello everyone, I have an Assignment for you today. This assignment must be
DONE by Friday, November 6, 2020, no later than 10 pm. By the way, I need this assignment to be PLAGIARISM FREE & a Spell Check when completed. Make sure you
the instructions
CAREFULLY. Now without further ado, the instructions to the assignments are below:
Implementation Plan: Part 2
In Unit IV, you started to create an implementation plan. You selected a company and analyzed their strategy and mission. In Unit VI, we will continue your work with this company and develop a SWOT analysis.
Remember that a SWOT analysis (which will be the first attachment below) identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. This is an important analysis for any organization as it can be used for strategic planning. Your SWOT analysis must be a minimum of two pages in length. Once you have completed your SWOT analysis, write a minimum of one page, explaining how this information could be used by the company. Much of the information you will need to complete this segment can be found in the case study in the textbook.
The information you need to complete this analysis can be found in the case studies located in your textbook on pages 370-625. Outside research is not a requirement. However, you are welcome to conduct further research as needed.
There are several attachments below. The first attachment is the SWOT analysis (or template) you will need to complete partial of this assignment following the one page word response which are in details in the instructions above. The next attachment is the case study (aka Krispy Kreme) which I choose to create an implementation plan.
The following attachment will be the 5 out of the 30 case studies (Including the case study Krispy Kreme on pg.13-23 which will tell you everything about Krispy Kreme & the business. The other Case Studies DO NOT matter.) In which you will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization that I choose which was Krispy Kreme. Lastly will be the study Guide. (This case study indeed come from the textbook so for referencing the book is called Strategic Management, 16th Edition, Author: Fred R. David pages 370-625). Remember NO PLAGIARISM & I need will need a PLAGIARISM REPORT upon completion.

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