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I need 2 more pages to add to my personal statement. Can someone  use what I have to add to the first page. I will attach a copy of my statement along with the question.

Thank you


PERSONAL STATEMENT: Upload this document as an attachment to your application in the ‘Supplemental Materials’ section of the online application.

●  Your statement should discuss your accomplishments, career goals and objectives, and the value of this specific degree to achieving your career and professional goals.

●  Discuss how OHIO’s Master of Athletic Administration degree will help you achieve your goals.

●  Describe what competencies you hope to strengthen or develop as a result of this program.

●  Tell us about your passions for sports, specifically focusing on your coaching or athletic administration experience.

●  Personal statements should be no more than 2 pages double spaced,  

●  Always review grammar, punctuation, and spelling before submission.

●  Write a clear and concise thesis

●  Be specific.