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Helpful Hints and Tips This is an essay, therefore, it requires an essay structure, it must have an introduction, body and conclusion. The essay is to be written in the third person (not first person). You must reference all sources and use Harvard referencing (as a final year student you will be marked down for poor referencing). You may use headings, but please ensure they do not disrupt the flow of your paper. You have a degree of creative license when applying the evidence to Joseph – that is, you don’t have every detail relating to his case (this level of detail would take you forever to read and this is not the purpose of this assessment), for example you might read something which says that IV potassium can cause occlusion of CVAD’s (I’m making this up), it is probably feasible that this may have happened in ICU, however if you read that a particular chemotherapy drug causes high rates of occlusion, then we can safely acknowledge that this is not an issue for Joseph as he does not have cancer and is therefore not relevant.

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