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Assessment 4: Assignment – Long Report The assessment for this unit includes two linked reports (Assessment 1 and Assessment 4) examining human factors and ergonomics in the design or operation of a work system. To form the basis of both of these reports: Choose a Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) problem. It should be some aspect of an occupational setting or system. The HFE problem you choose can be related to any of the topics discussed in this unit. This provides you with broad scope to select a topic of interest to you and relevance to OHSE. When deciding upon your topic, you should choose a setting you have experience with, you have exposure in, and in which you can collect data/information. The setting need not be a current workplace – it could be a previous workplace, or a workplace in which you have never actually worked but with which you are familiar. If you are unsure whether you have selected an appropriate setting/problem, please consult your lecturer. Description of Assessment 4 Using the Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) problem you have chosen for assignment 1; write a report on the findings of a HFE risk assessment and recommendations of appropriate changes in work design to optimise fit between human factors and work factors. The report should be organised into sections, and include: (a) Introduction: A brief introduction to the problem, including what is being assessed and why. (b) Methodology: Your assessment methodology. You could undertake a desk top assessment based on available information or you could assess the problem in-vivo. You may use any assessment tools discussed during the course if these are appropriate. You should include photographs and any data collected in your assessment to help describe the task or system being assessed. Note: it is your responsibility to ensure any photos of people or workplaces and any data collected for your assignment have appropriate informed consent. Stakeholders must consent to how any images and/or data will be collected, used, stored, and disposed of. (c) Results: A clear and detailed description of the results (the findings of the assessment) including how ergonomic and human factors issues impact positively and negatively on health and safety, performance, and the potential for errors or failures; (d) Recommendations: Recommendations of appropriate changes in work design to optimise fit between human factors and work factors. Where relevant refer to WHS standards and/or legislation.

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