High blood pressure is a leading cause of death t

Health Fitness Research Paper Instructions                                              

Each member of the class will choose among a series of health topics for a health fitness research paper. A minimum of a threepage paper, not including references or title page will be due. The following objectives must be included in your paper:

Health Topic/ Problem,

High blood pressure is a leading cause of death through its contributions to stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Demographics/Statistics of Target Population,

One third of adults in the United States have high blood pressure.

 Suggested Solution Description,

Though many factors may contribute to high blood pressure such as psychological stress, genetics, and more, a healthy diet can reduce this risk through weights loss, improved nutrient intake, and reduced sodium and alcohol consumption.


The DASH Diet can be effective in helping control blood pressure and even reduce it.

A minimum of two scientific references are required. One reference must be a review or meta-analysis and at least one specific study from that same review/meta-analysis. At least 2 references must be from peerreviewed scientific sources. The paper should be doublespaced with oneinch margins on all sides (12 point font). The paper should also be free of all grammatical and spelling errors.   Follow APA format style for citations and bibliography.  On Canvas you’ll find there are files on writing APA style.

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