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How can businesses take advantage of a digital dollar? Include an analysis of the risk, costs, and benefits involved.

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Follow the suggested guidelines for structuring your write-up. Your write-up should not exceed 1,000 words.

Introduction: Write a succinct paragraph in which you articulate the challenges faced by the company. You may consider the following aspects:

· Big picture (the background landscape of the industry or sector)

· Small picture (the situation that the company faces)

· Specific issues that you are targeting

(±150 words)

Proposed plan of action: Outline your proposed solution to the problem. You may consider the following aspects:

· What your proposed solution is

· What evidence or thought logic supports your proposal

· What challenges, side effects, shortcomings, and disadvantages your proposal may have, and why you still think your proposal is a good one

(±700 words)

Conclusion: Write a conclusion that sums up the key aspects of the problem and your solution 

(±150 words)