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How has Porcini’s maintained high product and service quality, and how does it plan to do so for its new pronto concept?
What does the proposed customer questionnaire system tell you about Porcini’s approach to quality? What are the system’s strengths and weaknesses? Can you suggest ways to supplement this tool?
How well or poorly do the various elements of the Pronto concept – its menu choices, HR system, quality measures, etc. – support the goal of “Great Italian cuisine without the wait?”
If you were a member of Porcini’s top management, which of the available growth options for Pronto would you choose? Why?
What are the implications of your choice (Q4) for profitability, return on investment (ROI), product and service quality, and the quality image of the Porcini’s brand?
Does Pronto have any sustainable competitive advantages? Why or why not?

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