How to make the Project, The project is due week

How to make the Project,

The project is due week 6th,

1-  Select a disease related to your course,

2-  Search for 3 sources discussing this disease, one from on-line sources, one from a book, and other from any journal or Magazine,  

Some online Web sites,

Library | Cornell University

Office of Web Communications, Cornell University

Cornell University is a private research university that provides an exceptional education for undergraduates an…

Use school library, on student support, to find a book or Magazine.

3-  Build your Project in the form of:– 

A-  Introduction:  why did you select this disease, why it is interesting for you.

B-  Body: which include,

 -Definition of the disease,   -clinical picture which include objectives and subjective,   – Diagnosis which includes the investigations required,  Management and treatment, which includes all the processes required,  – Prognosis, which means the fate of the disease.

C-  The conclusion, which includes what did you learn from this search.

4-  The references, which includes the resources you used to build this project.

-Finally, make the front page which includes the name of the project, your name, the class and the module and the name of your professor,

-Upload the project in the first assignment of week 6th, either as a copy on the text box or attach file ,

If it comes difficult for you, E-mail the project to my E-mail,

The rubric to be graded, 

The project will be graded as 25% for each topic from 1 to 4.

Avoid grammar mistakes, and copy and paste, write it in your own words,

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