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Behavior Change 

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The idea is to focus on consumer transformation. An important part of this course is applying what you have learned to real examples. You begin by selecting a behavior that you want to change about yourself, such as stopping a harmful behavior, (i.e. smoking, texting when driving, Excessive video-game playing, or binge drinking) or small things (i.e. stop saying sorry all the time, coming to class 5 minutes earlier), starting a healthy behavior(i.e. an exercise program or changing what you eat or drink) or starting/stopping a behavior related to environment (turn off water tap when brushing your teeth, recycling). You will engage in this change over a period of 4 weeks.

Individual work:

1) During the 4 weeks, you must log your attempt to change your behavior (in narrative form, journal, number, visual pictures etc.). You will have to submit your log weekly.

2) You will journal about what you have learned about your behavior, applying concepts from the textbook and describing the effects of your attempt to change your behavior. You will write a minimum of two detailed paragraphs, first answering a question about how your behavior is influenced by the topic and second describing your behavior, any changes, and the results. The paper length is one page double-space. You will also be assigned to share your work with class. Grading is based on the comprehensiveness of the entry and how well it incorporates CB terms and concepts There will be a penalty for missing deadlines of each week.