Case company of this paper: CHINA STEEL Company *Please study and read the following Website of China Steel company before you start to write for the topic in this paper. Your task and guideline for this writing: -Please ANALYZE and RESEARCH the topic of HOW to use “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and STRATEGY to optimize and facilitate the products development/technology innovation of China steel in the industry. AND -Please WRITE and include the following 4 parts in this paper. Part 1: Please analyze and write on What the products development/innovation technology of China Steel Company has/owns? For this part, please write and elaborate the specific products with example and detail. (150 words) Part 2: Please write the Intellectual Property Management in course of the products development of China Steel company. (75-100 words) Part 3: please write and analyze “HOW to use Intellectual Property Management and Strategy to optimize and facilitate the products development of China Steel in the industry. (250 words) Item 4: Please analyze and write the suggestions for improvement. (100 words) Important note: Owing to the professor is serious about the plagiarism, please assure that this paper contains “NO plagiarism”. Therefore, please provide me with all the reference and cite all sources for this paper if any.