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read this article first please

Then, carefully read “In Defense of FB” by Christopher Rhodes in  (Links to an external site.)UnHerd (Links to an external site.), using the active reading and note-taking strategies you learned in Week 2.

  1. What is the main idea or thesis of the article? Put in your own words at the top of the assignment, 1-2 sentences.

Now, we’re going to apply the They Say/I Say templates to Rhodes’ argument.

  1. Review the “Templates for Disagreeing, with Reasons.” (They Say/I Say). In the 5th edition, it falls on page 62. Your edition may differ by a page or two. Use one of these templates to disagree with reasons with Rhodes’ main idea.
  2. Now review “Templates for Agreeing” in They Say/I Say. (p. 64 in 5th ed.). Use one of these templates to agreewith Rhodes’ main idea.
  3. Finally, review the “Templates for Agreeing and Disagreeing Simultaneously” in They Say/I Say. (p. 66 in 5th ed.). Use one of these templates to agree and disagree simultaneously with Rhodes’ main idea.