Read the article from the link first. Don’t forget

Read the article from the link first. Don’t forget to review the Wall  Street Journal article on publishing false numbers (located in the  link). 

 Links to an external site.

For this assignment you will write a two to three page, single spaced  paper, in 12 point font, Times New Roman to address the following  prompts based on the report(s) for Luckin Coffee. No cover page is  needed. Do use headers for each category.

  • Analyze the anonymous report:
  •  Links to an external site., including the following categories: audiences, objectives, organization, writing style. You should also address what works well, and how would suggest that the writer improve the report?
  • How well did the company address concerns? Begin with the first response in February:
  •  Links to an external site..
  • What leadership character dimensions does this situation illustrate?
  • Summarize your opinion in the conclusion but do not write in first person.

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