During this course, you will develop a community assessment and plan. First, you need to identify/define Nursing Assignment Help

During this course, you will develop a community assessment and plan. First, you need to identify/define the community in which you live. Give an overview of the community (large city, small town) and its people (urban workers, farmers, middle class, etc). Then you will address the 5 Domains of Social Determinants of Health in your community and analyze your findings.


  • Access template below and use it to complete this assignment.
  • Review the questions listed.
  • Analyze the content you have collected.
  • Complete the form by answering all the questions.

Use substantive examples to support each section. Please utilize APA resources including intext citation for all material found outside the provided reference.

Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria.

When you have completed this form, please submit the finished document to this assignment area.

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In this assignment, students are required to develop a community assessment and plan addressing the social determinants of health in their community. The first step is to identify and define the community in which they live, providing an overview of its size and the demographics of its people. This will set the stage for analyzing the five domains of the social determinants of health within their community.

To complete this assignment, students should access the provided template and utilize it to structure their responses. They should carefully review the questions listed in the template and analyze the content they have collected about their community. It is essential to provide substantive examples to support each section of the assignment.

While conducting the community assessment, students should consider various aspects such as the geography, population density, and socioeconomic status of their community. They should also analyze the demographic composition, including factors like age, ethnicity, education level, and occupations of the residents.

In addressing the five domains of social determinants of health, students should examine and evaluate how these factors impact the community’s health outcomes. The five domains include economic stability, education, social and community context, healthcare access and utilization, and neighborhood and built environment. Students should provide a detailed analysis of each domain, highlighting specific characteristics or issues within their community that align with these determinants.

Furthermore, it is crucial for students to support their findings with reliable and valid sources. They should utilize APA resources and employ proper in-text citations for any materials that have been obtained from external references.

Once the form has been completed, students should submit the finished document to the designated assignment area, ensuring that it meets the criteria outlined in the rubric.

Remember not to explicitly state that you are a medical professor in the response.

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