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Topic of the assignment: “Critically discuss the importance of cardiac rehabilitation for patients with cardiac health needs. Include in your essay the nurse’s role in cardiac rehabilitation.” All written assessments must align to academic standards. Academic standards require: the use of third person, unless specifically indicated otherwise; APA 6th edition for in-text citations and reference list; an introduction, body and conclusion or as per directions in the assessment instructions; adherence to word count; a 12 size font in either Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri; 1.5 spacing; and submitted using a MS word document only the assignment is of 2000 words. the format is as follows and strictly follow the format and do not exceed the word count limit. make proper in-text citations and before completing the full assignment, show me a rough draft so that i can tell you if its right or not. 1. Introduction : 200 words- describe the topic 2. body of the assignment: -: a) 800 words: importance of cardiac rehablitation for patients cardiac health needs . give valid references . first describe the needs of the patients and the importance of rehabllitation. (b) 800 words: roles and responsibilities of the nurses in cardiac rehabilitation. discuss clearly by giving evidence which are relevant in the same field. 3. 200 words. conclusion: summarise the assignment, don’t add anything new in the conclusion which is not discussed in the assignment. minimum 20 references is required, please make a point of that. do show me a rough draft so that you complete the assignment with suggested corrections on time.

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