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In discussing domestic violence, it is important to note that most men in this country aren’t abusive. The question emerges, however, of the role that non-violent men have in preventing violence against women.
Rus Erin Funk, author of Stopping Rape: A Challenge for Men, writes I want to see men come together to discuss these issues, and to plan how to dismantle this system of domination and control that keeps men in a position as victimizer or threat. That is our, men’s work…We have the ability to create a world where all women, children and men are safe from the threat of men’s violence. (Funk, 1993, p. 129)
For the purposes of this discussion topic please complete the following:
Watch the video: Violence against Women: its a Mens Issue:
Click on this link to hear spoken word artist Dasan Ahanu read his poem Can I, which he wrote while conducting sexual-assault awareness and education training with men in Durham,N.C.:
Locate a web site of your choice that provides information about men’s efforts to stop violence against women.
Post the web site address or create a link so that others may access the information if they desire.
Provide a brief summary of the information located at the site.
Respond to the following question:
role do non-violent men
play in helping to
prevent domestic violence? Please explain.
Use proper in-text citations and references
After posting your response please comment to at least 2 other classmates.
Funk, R.E. (1993). Stopping rape: A challenge for men. Philadelphia, PA: New Society Publishers.

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