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In Week 8 we are studying the Basic Elements of Control. In chapters 14 & 15, it mentioned the purpose of control, operational control, finance control, structural control, and strategy. Your assignment for this week is to compose a five to seven (5-7) page paper that shows your understanding of the characteristics of control. The 4-6 page minimum requirement does NOT include the title page, and reference page.
The paper should answer the question:
From your perspective, what could your past or current manager/supervisor do to more effectively manage the control types of Operations, Finance, Structural, and Strategy? Refer to chapters 14 & 15 to help answer this question.
*Note- Paper is formatted based on APA guidelines, and includes a title page, in-text citations and a reference page. Please ensure that the paper meets basic writing standards including grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and organization.

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