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Informative Speech

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  • Objective: The general purpose of this Informative Speech is for the speaker to inform the audience about a topic previously approved by your instructor. Please email your instructor with a short paragraph indicating your intended topic. Once your topic is approved, you may proceed. If you have not received a formal approval from your instructor, you will not be able to earn credit for the speech. You must choose a topic that you have experience/interest in and informative speeches can fall into any of the following categories:  object, event, people, ideas or a demonstration.  You must have 4-5 reference – not including WIKI or you will lose 50% of the grade.
    Length: 4 – 5 minutes (You must complete the minimum time, or your speech will not be graded and you will receive a zero.)
    Research Articles:     /14  /4 PointsVastness from different types (4-5 minimum). (This cannot include wiki or dictionaries)  /4 PointsWork Cited Page MLA/APA style and matches to all in-text. (What you put in your reference page is also found with in-text in your work)  /6 PointsIn-text Citations after ALL information. (You must clearly show the work cited)Organization/Outline:     /32   /4 PointsStrong Motivational Statement  /4 PointsStrong Attention Getter  /4 PointsStrong Thesis Statement (States overall theme and mood)  /4 PointsWell done preview  /4 PointsSummarize in conclusion  /4 PointsHark back to attention getter  /4 PointsTransitions after every section  /4 PointsSignpostsContent:   /14  /14 Three Main points
    Each of the three main points is supported with research. Conversational Quality:   /15  /5 PointsIntonation (includes stress, pauses, breathing, and tone)  /5 PointsVolume and vocal control (includes volume, vocal, pitch, pronunciation)  /5 PointsEye Contact (Look at everyone to the left, to the right, in front, and the back!)Subtotal:    /75
    Completed Outline /25
    You must verbally cite two of your five sources or 10% will be deducted. Example on how to verbally cite: According to……
    No Wikipedia or dictionary references allowed or 10% will be deducted.
    Lose 10% per 15 seconds that does not make minimum time.
  • INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE. due 4/7 before class
    Posted Mar 31, 2021 8:22 AMINFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE
    General Purpose: to inform

    Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech …. (what the audience will come away with – end goal)

    1. I.                   Attention Getter:
    2. II.                Motivation for Listening:
    3. III.             Thesis Statement:
    4. IV.              Preview of Speech (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)
    5. Transition to body of Speech


    6. I.                   First Main Point
      1. a.      Analysis and Research
    7. b.      Analysis and Research
    8. Transition:
    9. II.                Second Main Point
      1. a.      Analysis and Research
    10. b.      Analysis and Research
    11. Transition:
    12. III.             Third Main Point
      1. a.      Analysis and Research
    13. b.      Analysis and Research
    14. Transition:


    15. I.                   Summary of Main Points
    16. II.                Throwback to Attention Getter
    17. REQUIRED BIBLIOGRAPHY for 4-5 REQUIRED sources in MLA or APA format
  • how to cite sources
    Posted Mar 29, 2021 8:31 AM

    • Remember- the citation statement should include source name, author, source credibility (if not evident), and source publish date, along with the information from the source that supports your speech topic.
    1. Pick one topic you are considering for your Speech 2: Informative Speech.
    2. Identify and type the names of three (3) different kinds of credible sources that could be used in the speech. Source types include:
    3. Types of SourcesWebsites
      Government documentsBrochures
      Reference Works
      Television or audio
    4. Type one complete (1) verbal citation statement for each of the three sources you identified (you will have a total of 3 complete verbal citation statements).
  • Remember- the citation statement should include source name, author, source credibility (if not evident), and source publish date, along with the information from the source that supports your speech topic.
  • 1. Almost half of adults over 30 years old, have gum disease without being diagnosed or treated, according to Dr. Jordan Johnson’s brochure from the American Dental Association “Patient Education Center” a research done on 2013.
    2. The research done by radiologists at the University of California, Santa Cruz on 2001, shows the best way to decrease risks of radiation is to limit the dose and control the levels of radiation. The three basic ways to external exposure to radiation include: minimize time, maximize distance, and use shielding.
    3. According to the journal made by the Chinese Medical Association, there is no validated treatment for COVID-19. On this study they confirm that the main strategies are symptomatic and supportive care, such as keeping vital signs, maintaining oxygen saturation and blood pressure, and treating complications, such as secondary infections or organs failure.