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International Marketing Term Project

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You can choose a consumer or an industrial product which can be a good or a service. You can

take the point of view of either a domestic business making an entry into a foreign market, or a

foreign business making an entry into a foreign market.

Suggested Report Format

Report Structure

a) Title Page (with individual name/names of all group members)

b) Table of Contents

c) Introduce your product or service

d) Situation analysis (SWOT) – 1 page

e) Developing competitive advantage of the company(maximum: 2 pages)

f) New product/service’s target market (maximum: 4 pages)

– Segmentation

– The specific foreign environment: seven forces.

g) Marketing Mix (Price, Place, Product and Promotion) of your product/service (maximum: 2


h) Appendices (include research sources, secondary data information/articles, or any other

relevant supporting materials

Format: Typewritten, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman/Arial, and 1 inch