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Learning outcome:

1. Interpret research findings to inform further •research; 2. Identify the stages in the formulation of a research project and a dissertation; 3. Discriminate between research methods to select investigation suiting management topics; 4. Demonstrate critical abilities in evaluating the construction of a research proposal.

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Assessment Students choose two published research papers (see Suitable research papers for this assessment below) relating to their studies. One paper should be based on a quantitative methodology; the other on a qualitative methodology. The two papers should deal with a similar topic. Students are to evaluate the research papers critically, taking into account-. the research question(s) that are being addressed; research design, literature review and methodolos’Ial issues relevant to each paper; the authors’ argument for their chosen Inethoaolocal approaches, including data gathering and sampling; the analysis undertaken by the authors of gathered data; and how this provides material for the authors’ discussions and conclusions. Suitable research papers for this assessment ir attention to research jou Students should restrict the rnals sponsored by learned pro-Vessi.mal societies or published by reputable publishers. Additionally: ” • – -1 1–qi-d of eac  jouri1al should have a heavY PtePond eIa171:7.”Atees–1- I, this by visAing the webs’Ites sloumaV_