Introduction (1-1.5 pages) Building off the Capstone Worksheet: What is


Introduction (1-1.5 pages) 

  1. Building off the Capstone Worksheet: What is your problem statement? What is your research question?
    1. Needs identified: starting at the macro level (i.e., state or national) and progressing toward the agency level.
  2. Proposed Intervention (students — please note that you will have a chance to come back and add info after you have developed your proposed intervention.)
    1. Why intervention was selected/how proposed intervention was determined to be needed
    2. Overview of how intervention would be implemented at agency/community
    3. Explain the significance of the issue to social workers and the social work profession.


Target Population (1-2 pages) 

  1. Demographic info
     i. If the target population is service providers, provide info for both the providers and the clientele they serve
  2. Needs experienced by population
    i. If the target population is service providers, provide info for both the providers and the clientele they serve
  3. Current services available within the agency as well as within larger community
  4. Identify strengths, protective factors, and applicable resiliencies for target population.

*Please note this section should incorporate data that helps to present a picture, such as Census data, community or agency needs assessments, reports by local county or city entities, etc.


Macro-Level Systems Perspective (2-5 pages between Week 4-5)

  1. Using the Systems Assessment from your Capstone Worksheet: Review of Macro Forces and Interventions
    1. How has the target group been impacted by larger systems and/or issues of oppression and discrimination?
    2. What impact have historical policies and practices had on the target population?
    3. Are there currently any policies or legislation that are related to the needs of the target population?

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