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  • Introduction: provide the reader a bulleted list of all the points your will discuss in the presentation.
  • Database Management Systems: identify some basic concepts associated with database management systems 
  • Database Models: explain what a database model is and provide a description of three types 
  • Databases & the Digital Economy: provide the description and the current trend of E-Business & E-Commerce 
  • Information Systems in Organizations: explain how organizations are using databases to help make decisions
  • Administration: define database administration and the administrators used to manage a database 
  • Specialized Database: identify a specialized database and its purpose (Audio is required).
  • Summary: provide the reader a bulleted list of all the major points you discussed in the presentation.
  • (included images, video,  and content hyperlinks where needed to extend presentation). Remember to give your source credit using APA format, and you need at least 15 slides.