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Introduction to Clinical Research and Clinical Trial Practice Research Proposal Assignment Please complete a research proposal using the following guidelines. The document should be in Word using single line spacing and a minimum font size of 12. There is a 5 page limit (excluding references). SECTION 1: RESEARCH QUESTION, BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES (Limit: 1 page) The goal of this section should be to write a concise but adequate explanation of the aims of the proposal. You will be assessed on whether the objectives are realistic and can be achieved over the time period of the research project. Express the research question in the form of a hypothesis or any appropriate alternative that captures the central problem addressed by the research. This section should include the originality, insight, rigour and national or international significance of the research question. Describe the relation between the research question and the background research literature. Clearly outline how new directions and ideas will extend or advance current knowledge in this area Explain the objectives of the research and justify them. Describe the steps you have taken or will take to consult with M?ori in either this Section, Section 2, or both, whichever is most appropriate to your project. SECTION 2: RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS (Limit: 2 pages) Explain the methods for conducting the research and why they are appropriate. Include a timeline of key events. Include a discussion on statistics and describe how the statistical analysis is to be carried out. SECTION 3: STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE Describe the benefits from your research to New Zealand. SECTION 4: EXPECTED OUTCOMES (Limit: 1/2 page) Note: Scientific outcomes should be covered in the previous sections. Describe the expected outputs from the research such as publications, conference presentations, industry or government support/engagement and how these what potential impact this will have on health.

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