J.S. Mill’s And John Rawls’ Theory of Justice

You are expected to provide short essays demonstrating specific understanding of the various theorists and concepts. In the body of your essay, you must use parenthetical citations from course content and the readings. Each essay should be equivalent to at least one single-spaced page. Full citations should be provided for all references used at the end of each essay, and you should use more than three references per question (library sources like books and journals). 1. What is J.S. Mill’s understanding of human nature (for example, individuality) and rationality in his approach to liberty? Be specific. 2. How does John Rawls’ Theory of Justice carry forward the modern social contract theory while also drawing on Kant? Please be specific. In your response, use at least two of the following concepts: public reason, original position, veil of ignorance, primary goods, universal moral standards, liberty, moral autonomy, comprehensive background and overlapping consensus.

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