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John is a 55-year-old male, who is 185cm tall, weighs 95kg, and has a waist circumference of 100cm. Two months ago, his mean arterial blood pressure was 150/95mmHg, and he had high blood cholesterol (he has high level of LDL and total cholesterol, and low HDL). Although he has started making some lifestyle changes, including starting to exercise, he has now been diagnosed with a mild upper respiratory infection (he has “a cold”). Question 1 -Interpret john’s body shape and size. What would an ideal body shape and size be for him (what would he need to achieve in order to decrease his health risks?). (200 words) two refernces Question 2 – john’s blood pressure and cholesterol are both significant risks for development of coronary artery disease, in which a blockage in a coronary blood vessel leads to insufficient blood flow reaching heart muscle cells. If john were to develop severe coronary artery disease, what could that mean in terms of delivery of oxygen to his heart muscle cells? How would this effect his heart muscle cell function? (ensure that you include aerobic and/or anaerobic respiration). (300 words) two references Instructions- references and sources must be from australian articles and journals from year (2013-2018)

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